During the Feh Channel broadcast tonight, a number of additions and changes were announced for Fire Emblem Heroes pertaining to the next version update and more.

Weapon Refinery

The first addition involves the Weapon Refinery – as previously outlined in an in-game announcement, new weapons and refinements will be added with the update.

Lilina gets the unique tome Forblaze (Chill Res), while Fir and Karel get the Nameless Blade (a stronger version of the Killing Edge), both of which can also be refined.

Meanwhile, Roy can finally refine his Binding Blade into something worthwhile (Dragon effectiveness; as well as either Quick Riposte or one of the standard refinement options), and Ephraim and Hector can both refine their normal weapons (Siegmund and Armads) into their recent upgraded versions (Blazing Siegmund and Berserk Armads).

Tempest Trials

Second, Tempest Trials is getting some rework. The first two battles each day (which already provided more points) now give EXP and SP multipliers, as well as a boost to all ally stats.

All bonus allies for TT now give the 40-percent boost (instead of being split into 40 percent and 20 percent categories), and there’s a recommended difficulty for players based on units.

There will also be a reduction in stamina cost, and events will last 10 days instead of 14 (with reward tiers adjusted accordingly). These brand spankin’ new Tempest Trials are now Tempest Trials+, which is a thrilling new title to be sure.

Summoning Pools

Next (and this one has been long coming), summoning pools are finally being readjusted, with many members of the 4-5* pool being dropped into the 3-4* pool.

While not everybody is making the move, a substantial number of pity-breaker scourges like Ogma, Merric, and more will be making the transition, as well as useful skill fodder like Klein and Roy. This has been one of the more vocal complaints in recent months, so it’s refreshing to see IS take steps to remedy it.

Grand Hero Battles

Finally, Grand Hero Battles will be getting a second rotation of daily battles in addition to the first (which has been going since February).

The new rotation will feature Legion, Zephiel, Valter, Clarisse, Berkut, Arvis, and Camus (who returns for the first time in nearly a year). If you missed any of these units before, you can now pick them up at your relative leisure.

Some of these updates – like the summoning pool – take place tonight, and others will come about with the upcoming version 2.4 update. In both instances, there’s plenty to love about this slate of content additions and tweaks, so it seems that Fire Emblem Heroes has quite a bit of longevity left in it.

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