The irreverent collection of party games comes back for a fifth go, as Jackbox Games have announced Jackbox Party Pack 5 will be coming this fall, featuring the return of the game that started it all – the ballistic trivia contest known as You Don’t Know Jack.

YDKJ will feature the triumphant return of Cookie Masterson as MC, alongside fan fave question types like DisOrDat and the Gibberish Question. It will also bring eight-player support, audience interactions, stream features, new twists on Screws and the Jack Attack, plus a variety of both new and old fart noises for your (dis)pleasure.

The other four games in the party pack have yet to be announced, so stay wired for more info as we wait for the Jackbox Party Pack 5 to drop in the autumn.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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Amelia Fruzzetti