Pokémon GO’s Community Day has made positive changes since its successful start back in January of this year. With April here now, it’s no surprise to see that this month’s star Pokémon, Mareep, is getting more than just a new move and a high shiny rate.

Just over a week away from the Mareep invasion, we finally know the special move its final evolution, Ampharos, can obtain during the three hour time frame: you can look forward to its Dragon-type move, Dragon Pulse. With Community Day taking place on April 15th, you have nine days left to plan how much candy you need to evolve your Mareep. You’ll also want to pick out the prime spawning area you’ll be using when the event finally takes place!

Don’t forget that lures are extended to three hours during Community Day, and the egg hatch distance will also be reduced by a quarter.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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Jennifer Burch