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The Legendary Pokemon distribution event is still going strong, and with Regigigas and Heatran behind us it’s time for a new pair to rise up. Coming from Johto, these two were some of the first roaming Legendaries in the series and brought a new level of lore to an already story-filled region. Take a look at the video below to learn just a bit more about Entei and Raikou:


With their fellow beast Suicune headlining Pokémon Crystal, it’s great that these two have the chance to remind Trainers that the whole trio is something special. You’ll be able to get your own Entei and Raikou (again, based on your game version) at Target stores starting April 22nd.


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Written by Ricky Berg

When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Wire, Ricky’s anticipating the next Kirby, Fire Emblem, or if the stars ever align, Mother 3 to be released. Till then he’ll have the warm comfort of Super Smash Bros. to keep him going.