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After many years of speculation and pre-production, Ready Player One will be adapted to film later this month, courtesy of director Steven Spielberg. All of the trailers so far have been stuffed with references from TV shows, movies and games, but now, thanks to a leaked TV spot, we’ve got a look at a certain blue blur…

The official TV spot has since been pulled but it has since been re-uploaded, and you can even see Sonic in the thumbnail image:

Supposedly there was a second TV spot where Sonic gets a bit more screen time, turning into his ball form, but we only have a relayed description from Reddit for that one.

This isn’t Sonic’s first cameo in a movie in recent years, he popped up in Wreck-It Ralph for a speaking role after all, but it’s fun to see all the same. Sonic’s own movie also just entered production.

Ready Player One hits US cinemas this March 29.

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Written by Tom Brown

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