Since the release of Micaiah in January, the FE faithful have been waiting for one last lord to be released in Fire Emblem Heroes – Leif, the lord of Leonster and protagonist of Thracia 776. Well now we finally know that, after over a year of the game being released, Leif (alongside his love interest Nanna and loyal retainer Finn) will be added to the mobile title this April.

While such an advance announcement is unusual for the game (most Heroes are now revealed less than a couple days before release) given the worried Jugdral fans bemoaning the lack of Leif’s inclusion it seems that Intelligent Systems has thrown them a bone. The announcement also came with what we can assume to be previews of the characters’ FEH artwork. Nothing about their skillsets was shown, though based on their origin game we can assume Leif to be a Sword Infantry, Nanna to be a Staff Cavalry, and Finn to be a Lance Cavalry.

Another banner will drop in less than two days, on March 8th at 11pm PST. The contents of that banner are yet a mystery, but will likely be revealed within 24 hours. Stay wired for news on that front, as well as for when Leif and his comrades finally make it into the game.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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Amelia Fruzzetti