Awakening fans get a boost to their FEH lineups, as the newest heroes revealed for Fire Emblem Heroes are Morgan (Female), Morgan (Male), and Chrom (on a horse).

Each unit packs some impressive new skills. F!Morgan (Blue Tome Flier) comes with Blárserpent (which has a built-in Distant Defense), M!Morgan (Red Tome Infantry) wields Grima’s Truth (which has the same effect as Sothe’s Peshkatz, only better), and Knight Chrom (Sword Cavalry) holds the Sealed Falchion (which grants huge buffs across the board whenever he’s not at max health). Each has a pretty impressive array of skills, all things considered.

Another Awakening unit, Gerome (Axe Flier), will also be available soon via Tempest Trials reward. You can roll for this batch of new units on March 8th at 11 p.m. PST, so scrounge for orbs while you can!



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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