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Pokémon Day is fast approaching, and the leadup to the celebration of all things Pokémon is in full swing. Over on the official Pokémon website, the company is posting different and new memories throughout the days leading up to the event.

Kicking off yesterday, a showcase was done on different and memorable teams throughout the series’ history. The teams brought to the Johto League Championship by Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum are highlighted, as well as the team used by Sejun Park to win the Pokémon Video Game World Championship in 2014.

The most recent post highlights all of the memories made in different regions of the Pokémon World, with special mention made for Kanto, Sinnoh, and Alola.

Make sure to keep up with the memories page as they post more nostalgic looks back into Pokémon’s history in the days leading up to the big day on February 27th, and don’t forget to share your own memories using the hashtag #PokemonDay on Twitter!

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