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Fire Emblem Heroes’ One-Year Anniversary poll “A Hero Rises” has concluded, and the winner – to little surprise – is the Legendary Hero version of Ike. The Smash Bros. veteren came out on top with over 130,000 votes. As a result, he’ll be distributed to all players on February 27th at 11 pm PST for completing an upcoming Story chapter.

The Radiant Hero barely edged out the silver medalist, Winter Tharja, who accrued over 126,000 votes. The other two finalists, Performing Arts Azura and Hector, were a bit farther behind at over 71,000 and over 68,000 votes respectively. These were the four units who cleared the preliminaries; likely due in part to character popularity, extreme rarity, and the potential for skill fodder.

No word on what will happen with the other finalists – presumably nothing, though there could be a special banner in their honor. Be sure to pick up Ike when he’s delivered though, as he’s a Legendary Hero you won’t want to miss.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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