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Spoiler Warning: this trailer and article will feature reveals for a few Fire Emblem games – those being Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening, Fates, and Shadows of Valentia. Unfortunately for anyone who’s playing Heroes and haven’t seen these plots through they’ll be coming to the game regardless. If you still wish to learn, check out the trailer and see who’s giving in to evil’s thorny embrace.

Fire Emblem’s no stranger to irredeemable villains or malevolent forces, but it’s when your own friends and allies are forced to battle against you that manage to stand out particularly well. Fire Emblem Heroes gets this, and will be adding a few of these versions of existing (and one new) characters to the mobile game.



Descending on the game from an alternate timeline, Robin has been taken by the fell dragon Grima and made into a puppet incarnate. With much more sinister artwork and voice lines than the tactician I’ve been using since day one, this is also the very first armored dragon in the game.

From Mystery of the Emblem, Hardin takes up his spear under the influence of the Darksphere. Once a passionate and noble man, his corruption has turned him into a tyrant with none of his former morals. Also armored, he takes up the Gradivus spear to strike down attackers from any range.

Last but not least is Celica herself, possessed by the dark influence of Duma and standing in opposition of Alm and all she believes in. Taking up the sword Beloved Zofia, she’s looks no less powerful than her magic wielding version with the same array of buffs coming when she’s at full health.

That does it for the cast being added to game via the Focus, but you may’ve noticed one other game was listed. From Fire Emblem Fates, it’s been announced that a possessed version of Nohrian Prince Takumi will serve as a Grand Hero Battle in the near future. He’ll be coming to the game starting February 23rd, while the rest of these will make their way starting tomorrow. For those after these sinister summons – good luck!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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