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Joining the Host The Most event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, we now have a collection based event here to play — the Crystal Collection! Similar to previous not-garden-related events, you’ll be tasked with obtaining crafting materials by completing requests. There’s plenty of time to complete the special collection as the event will end on February 24th at 9:59 p.m. PT.

To complete the full Crystal Collection, you’ll need to finish the goals associated with the event and obtain 465 Crystal Shards to craft nine of the items in the series. Luckily, the goals associated with this event can dole out up to 150 Crystal Shards, making it a tad easier in your journey to collect them all.

Crystal Shards will also appear in Shovelstrike Quarry during the event. If you’re in a crunch, there’s a Crystal Craft Pack available for purchase in the Leaf Ticket shop. For $0.99 you’ll receive 20 Leaf Tickets and 25 Crystal Shards — but keep in mind that this pack can only be purchased once.

Below are tables breaking down the event’s goals, crafting times, and materials needed for part of the series.


Item Crystal Shards Needed Crafting Time
Crystal Mist 10 1 minute
Crystal Mist Elite 10 1 minute
Blue Rug 15 1 minute
Crystal Lamp 40 10 minutes
Snow Princess Wig 40 10 minutes
Large Crystal 40 10 minutes
Crystal Tree 80 30 minutes
Crystal Bed 80 30 minutes
Crystal Gazebo 150 1 hour


Goal Reward
Complete 3 requests for visiting animals. 10 Crystal Shards
Complete 10 requests for visiting animals. 10 Crystal Shards
Complete 20 requests for visiting animals. 30 Crystal Shards
Craft Crystal Mist. 5 Crystal Shards
Craft Crystal Mist Elite. 5 Crystal Shards
Craft Blue Rug. 10 Crystal Shards
Craft Crystal Lamp. 1 Snow Princess Top
Craft Snow Princess Wig. 20 Crystal Shards
Craft Large Crystal. 20 Crystal Shards
Craft Crystal Tree. 1 Crystal Shelves
Craft Crystal Bed. 40 Crystal Shards
Craft Crystal Gazebo. 20 Leaf Tickets

Have fun camp managers!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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