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Nintendo Wire’s resident gachapon goer in Japan, Rincs, recently took a few trips to the Kiddy Land store in Osaka’s Umeda station to view the all new Waddle Dee Collection that’s already captured the hearts of many. While she was there, she finally stumbled across an almost fully stocked gachapon filled with the highly sought after big chinned Kirby figures. The series wowed fans of the puffball when initially announced a few months ago, and ever since then the particular figures have been extremely difficult to track down, as all the gachapons with the mystery capsules are almost always sold out.

Lucky for us, Rincs was able to snag quite a couple of the big chinned cuties, as seen in our video touring the gachapon below. And since we have quite a few in our possession now, we’d like to share the adorable wealth by hosting a giveaway for one of the figures!


Here’s how you enter:

1. Simply subscribe to the Nintendo Wire YouTube channel.
2. Comment on the big chinned Kirby gachapon video.

Please note: The winner will receive a figure chosen at random.

We’ll select a winner for the giveaway on March 2nd. Good luck to all who enter!



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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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