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The “A Hero Rises” event for Fire Emblem Heroes has concluded its first round and is due to move on to the next stage tonight. The winner of this will receive the honor of being distributed to every single player of the game as a free gift, with five stars, no strings attached. Looking at the four who are moving on to the final round of voting, that’s a pretty dang big deal for fans.


All four are obvious choices with powerful stats and skills, though it’s the newly released Radiant Dawn Ike who’s most likely caught my eyes. He’s notably popular, every version of him that’s been in-game has been worth the effort to try for, and this latest one is so jacked from his Smash Bros. tenure that he’s been upgraded to Legendary status. That said, the recently crowned Choose Your Legend king Hector is in the running, along with Performing Arts Azura and Winter’s Envoy Tharja. These two seasonals are nothing to scoff at, and I genuinely love me some Hector, but I still have a feeling the new hotness that is Vanguard Legend Ike will probably take (and be) the prize.

This round of voting will wrap up on February 19th, with the prize being given out at a later date. Remember to get your daily vote in if you really want a certain character, and save those orbs if you’re like me and think this’ll lead to a particularly tempting summoning focus. Good luck!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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