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The World Hobby Fair in Osaka had an extra special Pokémon guest this year. We were smitten with Eevee getting the mascot outfit treatment a few weeks ago, and now we’re ecstatic to find that a very particular Pikachu has received the same honor. Don’t confuse him for any regular Pikachu, as Detective Pikachu has his very own special design. While his detective outfit is eye-catching on its own, it’s that smug look of his that makes him stand out in the crowd!

We got a small snippet of Detective Pikachu in action on Twitter. The Pokémon Company’s account even teased that he may appear again. Sadly though, his appearances will more than likely be kept in Japan for the time being.


Here’s hoping that Detective Pikachu will visit fans in the United States closer to the movie’s release. Or even better, having Ryan Reynolds take the outfit for a spin would be a sight to see!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

Illustrator, designer, writer and big Nintendo geek, you can find Jennifer with an N3DS within reach 24/7. As the oldest of three, she has survived many Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart sessions intact in addition to getting her brothers hooked on some really weird games. (Cubivore anyone?)