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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is releasing in less than two weeks, and Atlus has revealed the planned DLC for the game. True to many of the company’s 3DS releases, it appears to be a collection of smaller features for cheap around release rather than expansive packs later down the line. The DLC is as follows:

  • February 13th (Release Date): Chibi and Classic Art Packs that allow you to swap character portraits ($2.49 each), items (Growth Ring and Mole Armlet) to help grind EXP and money ($1.99 each), free new “Deadly Near Death” difficulty level, and “Bathing in Mana” — described as a “fanservice event” replete with a new boss and swimsuits ($3.99, anime was a mistake)

  • February 20th: Two new “adventure” packs each involving different party members — “Rage of the Fallen” has Stocke rescue Aht and Marco, while “Under the Moonlight” involves him investigating with Eruca and Raynie. Judging by the wording, these adventures are post-game, and will cost $2.49 each.

  • February 27th: “Hunting Corridor” adds a new dungeon that contains an item that allows  you to boost character parameters ($2.49). In addition, two more adventure packs — “Meeting in the Chasm” focuses on new character Nemesia, while “Settling the Score” is a battle gauntlet alongside Rosch and Gafka. Each again costs $2.49.

Altogether, the DLC costs around $25, which may or may not be too much (though you are of course free to pick and choose what packs you buy). Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology launches on February 13th, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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