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Another event concerning growing flowers and catching flying creatures has started in Pocket Camp! Rover’s Garden Safari might have caused some frustration for some, but take heart: changes have been made to the RNG formula as Lottie enters our campgrounds with a gothic lolita task.

From Wednesday, January 31st, at 10:00 p.m. PT to Friday, February 9th, at 9:59 p.m. PT, Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival will be active. The first half of the event will introduce two bat types: Gothic Bat and Golden Gothic Bat. These two bats have flower preferences: Gothic Purple Roses and Gothic Red Roses, respectively. Ten tasks are associated with each, calling 60 Gothic Bats and 50 Golden Gothic Bats.

The second half of the event will start on Monday, February 5th, at 10:00 p.m. PT. Similar to Rover’s challenges, a new flower type is introduced called Gothic Fusion Roses. This flower species will attract both Ruby Gothic and Diamond Gothic Bats. When it comes to the Gothic and Golden Gothic Bats, these two new types will have tasks and rewards associated with them.

As before, you can share bats at friends’ gardens, provided they have the necessary grown flowers. Even by checking your friend’s profile, you’ll notice a status of whether or not they can accept shared critters. This is next to the new “Watering” signifier that’s been added to the game recently.

For those already worrying about how to complete the event, increased RNG rates have been discovered thanks to bluesun on r/ACPocketCamp’s Discord channel. Catch rates have improved, going up from 5 to 15%. Combine this with lowered numbers of bats needed and it’ll be less stressed-filled compared to a certain cat’s visit.

Curious about what you’ll need to complete the event? We’ve compiled a small guide with what goals, tasks, and trading rewards will be active. Good luck catching those bats!


Event Goals

Event Challenge Goal Reward
Plant seeds 10 times. 5 Steel
Plant seeds 20 times. Black Tights
Plant seeds 30 times. 15 Cotton
Plant seeds 40 times. 20 Wood
Plant seeds 50 times. 25 Paper
Plant seeds 100 times. 3,000 Bell
Plant seeds 150 times. 10 Sporty Essence
Plant seeds 200 times. 10 Leaf Tickets
Plant seeds 250 times. 10 Rustic Essence
Catch 5 rare creatures. 5 Paper
Catch 10 rare creatures. Steel-toed Boots
Catch 20 rare creatures. 15 Wood
Catch 30 rare creatures. 20 Cotton
Catch 40 rare creatures. 25 Steel
Catch 50 rare creatures. 2,500 Bell
Catch 70 rare creatures. 10 Natural Essence
Catch 100 rare creatures. 10 Leaf Tickets
Catch 150 rare creatures. 10 Cute Essence
Harvest flowers 10 times. 10 Gothic Red Rose seeds
Harvest flowers 20 times. 1,000 Bell
Harvest flowers 30 times. 20 Paper
Harvest flowers 50 times. 20 Cotton
Harvest flowers 100 times. 3,000 Bell
Harvest flowers 150 times. 10 Cool Essence
Harvest flowers 200 times. 5,000 Bell
Harvest flowers 250 times. 20 Leaf Tickets


Gothic Bat

Task Gothic Bats Caught Reward
1-1 3 Gothic Rose Cage
1-2 6 20 Flower Food
1-3 9 10 Cool Essence
1-4 12 5 Leaf Tickets
1-5 15 Gothic Lolita Buns
1-6 20 10 Hip Essence
1-7 25 60 Flower Food
1-8 30 15 Natural Essence
1-9 40 Gothic Lolita Dress
1-10 60 Gothic Rose Fence


Golden Gothic Bat

Task Golden Gothic Bats Caught Reward
2-1 3 20 Flower Food
2-2 6 Gothic Silk Top Hat
2-3 9 Gothic Rose Lamp
2-4 12 10 Cute Essence
2-5 15 Gothic Rose Guitar
2-6 20 10 Hip Essence
2-7 25 60 Flower Food
2-8 30 Gothic Rose Fence
2-9 40 Gothic Rose Drums
2-10 50 15 Leaf Tickets


Gothic Rose trade-in

Gothic Purple Roses Needed Item Redeem Limit?
5 10 Steel Yes. Five times.
5 10 Wood Yes. Five times.
5 10 Cotton Yes. Five times.
5 10 Preserves Yes. Five times.
5 10 Paper Yes. Five times.
10 10 Flower Food Yes. Five times.
20 Potted Gothic Purple Roses No. Unlimited.


Gothic Red Roses Needed Item Redeem Limit?
10 3 Sporty Essence Yes. Two times.
10 3 Natural Essence Yes. Two times.
10 3 Cute Essence Yes. Two times.
10 3 Cool Essence Yes. Two times.
10 3 Rustic Essence Yes. Two times.
10 3 Hip Essence Yes. Two times.
10 20 Flower Food Yes. Ten times.
20 Potted Gothic Red Roses No. Unlimited.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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