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Pocket Camp’s latest update has arrived and on the surface, there’s one obvious new feature. Selecting a friend’s profile will now have a watering status listed under their name and how many hours it has been since they last logged in. Broken into two parts, the “Watering” feature will either list “Needs Water” or “Not Now” next to the topic.

Yet once you go behind the scenes, bluesun and SenorDeeebs from the ACPocketCamp subreddit break down what you can expect to see in the near future. Curious about a teaser tweet published by the official Japanese Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp account and UK’s Animal Crossing account? Then check out the spoilers after the tweet down below:



More items are on the way! Those teased in the tweet are tied to an event – Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival. Hold on though, as this is another gardening event – akin to Rover’s Garden Safari. For those who are already getting flashbacks as to how that event was handled, keep this in mind:

We will definitely see changes on how this event will run. What we do know is that Gothic Red, Purple, and Fusion Roses will be active during the event. In turn these can be traded in for items, such as the potted plant versions of the flowers. No butterflies have been found in the update, but bats have!

With four different bat types (Gothic, Gothic Golden, Ruby Gothic, and Diamond Gothic), they may function similarly to butterflies, but hopefully with a better capture rate or eliminating that RNG factor altogether.

As for items associated with the event that you can collect, here they are:

  • Gothic Silk Top Hat
  • Gothic Lolita Buns
  • Gothic Coat
  • Gothic Lolita Dress
  • Gothic Rose Rug
  • Gothic Rose Cage
  • Gothic Rose Cage Chair
  • Gothic Rose Drums
  • Gothic Rose Guitar
  • Gothic Rose Mic
  • Gothic Rose Lamp
  • Gothic Rose Fence

Lastly, special Leaf Ticket and Flower Food packs will be available in the shop. Simply called Gothic Rose Pack S and Gothic Rose Pack L, these will make the Gothic Bat hunt a tad easier and faster for those who want to complete the event ASAP.


A new essence, new amenities, and new villagers?! Already maxed out all the amenities in game and looking for something else to tackle? It looks like within the next month or so that the Hip essence will be active. With that the following amenities associated with this are: Mush Tent, Patchwork Ghost Sofa, and Bouncy Cake.

As for the incoming villagers we have the pleasure of persuading Twiggy, Stitches, Francine, Merengue, Pietro, and Bob to join our camps!


With any new essence and villagers, new items to the catalogue aren’t far behind. Here’s a full list of what you can craft and receive from villagers:


  • Balloon Bed
  • Balloon Chair
  • Balloon Lamp
  • Balloon-Poodle Lamp
  • Balloon Table
  • Balloon TV
  • Boot Sculpture
  • Candy Machine
  • Capsule-toy Machine
  • Cookie Rug
  • Dessert Case
  • Kiddie Bed
  • Kiddie Bureau
  • Kiddie Clock
  • Kiddie Couch
  • Kiddie Dresser
  • Kiddie Table
  • Matryoshka
  • Mush Hanger
  • Mush Lamp
  • Mush Table
  • Mush TV
  • Mush Wide Stool
  • Polka-dot Bed
  • Polka-dot Chair
  • Polka-dot Closet
  • Polka-dot Rug
  • Polka-dot Table
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Pop-up Book
  • Soft-serve Lamp
  • Snake Plant
  • Sweets Sofa
  • Sweets Table
  • Teacup Ride

Flooring and Wallpaper

  • Balloon Floor
  • Balloon Wall
  • Cabin Floor
  • Cabin Wall
  • Dotted Wall
  • Modern Wood Floor
  • Panel Carpet Flooring


  • Barber Tee
  • Black Tights
  • Blossom Tee
  • Chef’s Outfit
  • Dawn Tee
  • Dark Polka Tee
  • Steel-toed Boots


Want a few more options for your camper? Three new designs will be joining the game altogether, thanks to a banner featuring them all and Giovanni. There aren’t any names associated with them yet, but you can see them here and start saving up Leaf Tickets or Bells for when they debut.


And finally, it looks like all players will be getting a chocolatey treat on February 14th. Upon logging in that day, all camp managers will receive a Valentine Chocolate box. Besides that, there isn’t an event (yet) associated with the holiday.

Are you still playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Excited for any of the new villagers?

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