UPDATE: A video detailing the banner has been released, confirming that Micaiah (Blue Tome Infantry), Sothe (Dagger Infantry) and Zelgius (Sword Armor) are on it, while Oliver (Blue Tome Infantry) is a future GHB unit. It also confirms a new story chapter. Check out the trailer below.



A surprise update for Fire Emblem Heroes has just dropped, bringing the game to v2.1. It brings the usual assortment of additions, including bumping up the Hero Merit counter to 4,000 (allowing you to wean an extra 1,000 feathers out of each unit) as well as letting you check the map before you start a stage if you wish. There’s also a new Squad Assault challenge, expanded options in the Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery and other incremental changes.

In addition to all of this, datamining has revealed the next batch of units to be released soon. DON’T READ BEYOND THIS POINT IF YOU WISH FOR THEM TO BE A SURPRISE! SPOILERS AHOY!

We’ve got a Radiant Dawn banner on the way, as everybody’s favorite silver-haired maiden finally comes to Fire Emblem Heroes. Micaiah leads the charge, and the datamine shows Sothe, Zelgius and Oliver as well, alongside what appears to be an Oliver GHB. Details on the units are a bit fuzzy as-is, but Micaiah comes alongside Light Magic and her signature Thani spell, and we can assume that Sothe will be a Hidden Weapons unit and Zelgius will probably be an armored sword.

We’ll be sure to update with more information as it comes out, including a potential trailer dropping soon.

What are you most excited for in the update? Let us know in the comments, and stay wired for more information as it becomes revealed or datamined.

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