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With Fire Emblem Heroes’ v2.0 update came the advent of Fjorm, the game’s first “Legendary Hero” that provides stat buffs to blessed units during particular seasons. And now, just about a month later, the second of these special units has been revealed – Gunnthrá, Fjorm’s elder sister, and the first Wind-typed Legendary Hero.

Gunnthrá comes as a Green Mage Cavalry, only the second of her kind in the game. She has two unique tools – the weapon Blizzard, which gains power depending on the enemy’s debuffs (a bit like an inverse Blade tome), and the B Skill Chilling Seal, which lowers the Atk and Spd of the opponent with the lowest Def at the beginning of her turn… if she has below 50% HP (these skill descriptions are starting to get out of hand!)

Gunnthrá comes with another Legendary Hero Banner, once again at 8% focus-5* rate and 0% non-focus 5%. The units you can pull at 5* include: Ryoma, Brave Roy, Sigurd, Spring Lucina, Bridal Charlotte, Amelia, Spring Chrom, Elise, Innes, Bridal Lyn, and Fjorm again. It is unspecified whether players can get a single Gunnthrá for free like they could with her sister, so don’t be surprised if you have to pony up for this new exclusive unit.

The new banner begins later today, December 27th, at 11pm PST, and will only last a few days – until January 1st at the same time. Don’t fret, however – both Gunnthrá and Fjorm will return for another LH Banner in late January.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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