Over on the resetera forums, Shiggy has posted a new tidbit about the Nintendo 3DS family — or the lack thereof.

“The marketing over the past few months made this evident already as only the 2DS and 2DS XL showed up in ads. But I just got hold of the latest Nintendo product list (i.e. a list of products retailers and distributors can purchase from Nintendo of Europe or affiliated companies) and the last two Nintendo 3DS XL products (Samus and SNES LEs) have vanished. Only 2DS bundles and the 4 New Nintendo 2DS XL bundles are available now.

If you still want a New Nintendo 3DS XL, then you may want to get one now. The standard editions are already gone on major online shops. This is pretty much the same way the New Nintendo 3DS disappeared.”

Shiggy goes on to post a graphic showing the progression of Nintendo 3DS and 2DS models being shipped over to Europe since 2010. The last quarter in particular shows a big shift with the New Nintendo 2DS XL model appearing in droves while the New Nintendo 3DS XL is quietly disappearing.

The reasons behind why this change is taking place now are based on purely speculation. Various users in the thread are taking a guess that it’s due to the higher cost of producing the glassless 3D experience, as well as 3D itself not being seen as a “must-have” feature.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for a comment or confirmation about this report, but as of this publication we’ve yet to hear back. Stay tuned for more details.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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  1. johnny b good says:

    Uh, I can totally answer why. It’s called phasing out the 3DS for Switch!! The New 2DS XL is the final model for the machine, Nintendo’s not going to keep 2 handheld devices on the market, especially when the Switch starts having multiple iterations, and price drops. This will directly compete it with 3DS. When the Switch is $200 and the 3DS is $200, then clearly they are competing with each other. This is likely an indicator that Switch is going to start having either remakes/remodels, or a price drop coming, because no machine is full price its entire lifetime. IF the Switch actually does have 30 million intended in sales for 2018, then you can bet your bottom dollar that 2018 is the last year you even see any kind of remote 3DS support at all, because it’ll be clear at that point that 3DS is done (not to mention Pokemon is already going to come to Switch having been on the 3DS multiple times).

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  2. MeatyMisto says:

    Makes sense, aside from Samus 3DS XL I have only seen troves of 2DS XL systems around now. I really enjoy my 2DS XL and still have my New Nintendo 3DS for good 3D games.

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