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After the success of the Pokémon plushes available at Build-A-Bear throughout the year, it’s no surprise to see Nintendo offering more characters through the popular chain. Announced just a moment ago on Twitter, Nintendo’s given us a peek at a few of the characters ready to be purchased right this very moment.

Yup, that’s right: Mario, Bowser and Yoshi plushes can join your ever-growing Nintendo Build-A-Bear collection as soon as today! And the Super Mario fun doesn’t stop there, as it looks like other costumes and accessories are also arriving alongside the plushes. Items include a Princess Peach costume (her dress and crown), a tiny Toad plush, Mario hoodie and more! Everything is available to order online today, and you’ll see them in stores as soon as this weekend.

Check out the full list of items, which are located on Build-A-Bear’s Nintendo page:

As you can see, prices will vary from character to character, and item to item.


Build-A-Bear has put an especially personal and heartwarming touch on an already beloved Nintendo series. Several of the company’s representatives behind the magic have explained the thought put into this collection through an accompanying press release:

“Super Mario is a classic game franchise many of our Guests know and love, and we’ve had a lot of fun bringing these characters into furry friend form,” said Jennifer Kretchmar, chief product officer, Build-A-Bear Workshop. “Like Build-A-Bear, Nintendo’s characters appeal to everyone, so we couldn’t wait to team up for the first time and offer another way for Guests to enjoy the timeless brand.”

“Bringing beloved characters like Mario, Yoshi and Bowser to Build-A-Bear aligns our shared goal of engaging kids and families in fun and new ways,” said Tom Prata, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. “Now, even the youngest member of the family can interact with Nintendo by creating their own powered-up furry friend.”

Needless to say, we’re just as excited about this news as you are. You can be certain that we’ll have our very favorites in hand shortly — so stay tuned for full reviews of all these incredible new offerings from Build-A-Bear and Nintendo!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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