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The pattern of early releases with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp continues! Originally scheduled for tonight, the game’s first holiday event arrived 24 hours early. You’ll have until December 25th at 9:59 p.m. PT | December 26th at 12:59 a.m. ET to partake in the festivities, so it’s time to get collecting and crafting! You’ll have to work for these rewards, but it’s easier than you think.


Spotted in the datamine, you might see a new crafting item that your villagers may pay you with. It’s not fruitcake or holly — it’s candy canes! This festive treat is required for making this year’s holiday furniture. You’ll definitely want to be checking back with your Animal Crossing friends every few hours because you’ll need to hoard these for some of the most desired items.

There’s another avenue to utilize when it comes to obtaining candy canes: the quarry. If you’re lucky, you might spot Shovelstrike Quarry giving out candy canes during a rotation. Just like with previous crafting items, the amount is a bit random. I was lucky enough to have the help needed to visit Lloid and smash some rocks. My work earned me 28 candy canes for crafting! We’ll see in the coming days what sort of hauls camp managers can receive, but I’d say 28 is a good amount for starting out.

Here’s a chart containing the full list of items you can craft with your candy canes. Now you can maximize your crafting and loot!


Furniture Candy Canes Bells Time
Jingle checked sofa 20 100 1 minute
Big festive cake 20 100 1 minute
Mountain of presents 20 100 1 minute
Jingle checked bed 50 300 10 minutes
Jingle checked rug 50 300 10 minutes
Jingle fence 50 300 10 minutes
Jingle snow globe 100 500 30 minutes
Festive bow tree 100 500 30 minutes
Festive streetlight 100 500 30 minutes
Festive fireplace 300 800 1 hour
Three ball snowman 300 800 1 hour



As an incentive to craft this new holiday set, 15 new Timed Goals have been added to the list. You’ll have from now until the event ends to complete these, and if you want the Santa clothing set to match the free Santa hat you’ve received, you’ll want to refer to the list below so you can dress up as Santa in time for Christmas!


Event Challenge Reward
Complete 3 requests for visiting animals. 20 Candy Canes
Complete 10 requests for visiting animals. 40 Candy Canes
Complete 30 requests for visiting animals. Santa pants
Complete 70 requests for visiting animals. Santa skirt
Craft Jingle checked sofa. 20 Candy Canes
Craft mountain of presents. 20 Candy Canes
Craft big festive cake. 5 Leaf Tickets
Craft Jingle checked bed. 40 Candy Canes
Craft Jingle checked rug. Santa boots
Craft Jingle fence. Santa coat
Craft Jingle snow globe. 80 Candy Canes
Craft festive bow tree. 20 Leaf Tickets
Craft festive streetlight. 80 Candy Canes
Craft three-ball snowman. 1 Sparkle stones
Craft festive fireplace. 20 Leaf Tickets

The snow hasn’t fallen in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (yet), but when it does it’s time to see what Christmas-themed camps we can create. Maybe we’ll even see a certain familiar reindeer next month!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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