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Though released digitally back in September, Nintendo of America shared on Twitter today that the Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition will be available in cartridge form on November 10th. The game’s page on Nintendo’s site has only listed Amazon as the place to get it, but given the varied fanbase of Minecraft, we can probably see these cases on the shelf in a local big box store’s electronics section.


Now, at first glance, this might not seem like a big deal, but if you take a look at the new and improved box art for the game, you’ll notice a very familiar “a” symbol. Yup, that’s right: it looks like amiibo will be compatible with this version of Minecraft. As far as specifics go, we don’t have any other details yet.

So far, on Nintendo’s official site, there’s no mention of amiibo compatibility for the 3DS version. We do know, however, when the game released shortly after its announcement during September’s Nintendo Direct, that the Nintendo theme and skin packs didn’t make the platform port. Perhaps the Super Mario Bros. amiibo line and characters will allow players to finally play as Mario, or Peach, or Donkey Kong and more when they click in that Nintendo 3DS cartridge.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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