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Congratulations are in order for Nintendo, as the company’s made it to spot number four on Forbes’ list of World’s Top Regarded Companies of 2017. The illustrious positions on the list were earned with several attributes taken into consideration: “trustworthiness/honesty,” social conduct, the company as an employer and the “performance of the company’s product/service.” Those who made it into the top 10 received above average results for all the criteria.

Data gathered from Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 rankings was used to determine the contenders, and ultimately, the companies deemed worthy to appear in the prestigious rankings. Altogether, companies from 58 countries accounted for $35.3 trillion in revenue — thanks to the help of Statista, who gathered information from 15,000 people from 60 countries to provide their opinions about the Global 2000 businesses.

Companies of all trades made it onto the list this year, with those residing in the United States and Japan holding the highest number of positions. With auto/truck manufacturers and household/personal care companies dominating the top companies, Nintendo’s very presence as chiefly a video game business speaks volumes.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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