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Warning: Turn around like a Rowlet if you haven’t played Pokemon Sun & Moon — there are some spoilers for those below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon look to be pushing plot above all else in their pre-release. Where Sun & Moon told a story about the formation of the Alola League and Lillie’s growth as a character, these followups are all about Alolan lore, the nature of multiple dimensions and what happens when Necrozma decides to make its mark again.


Turns out there may be more historic roots in what’s happening here, with talks about an Alola formerly cloaked in darkness from Professor Kukui. We also see a bit more of the Ultra Recon Squad, who seem to know more about Necrozma than anyone in Sun & Moon did. All of this leads to a clash between Nebby and the Prism Pokémon, seemingly dead set on stealing all the light it can.

You can change the fate of Alola yourself, alongside plenty of familiar faces, when Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon launch on November 17th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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