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It’s time for the (roughly) monthly Fire Emblem Heroes update, and this one is quite nice indeed, adding a new feature and a host of quality of life improvements to the tactical mobile title. The full details are as follows:

  • The Sacred Seal Forge (available after clearing a one-map story intermission) allows players to trade Badges, Great Badges, and Sacred Coins in order to create or enhance Sacred Seals.
  • In conjunction with this, Sacred Coins can now be accessed in ways besides Arena Assault (such as quest), and the number of Badges obtained by completing maps in the Training Tower has increased significantly.
  • You can now go to Edit Teams right before starting a battle, instead of having to navigate the menu.
  • You can now go directly from the quest menu to whatever map the quest pertains to, and maps that have quests will have a little icon next to them signifying as such.
  • You can now add Auto-Battle to the bottom bar of the screen during battle if you so wish.
  • In the Voting Gauntlet, the character who you’ll use in battle is now highlighted on top of the screen.
  • When choosing “Accept All” for quest clears/log-in bonuses, you’ll now see a list of all items being accepted.
  • The usual bug fixes.

Like most updates to the game, it’s more a host of little improvements than a few massive changes, but it’s all quite welcome. You can download the update now from the App Store/Google Play.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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