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October means Halloween, which – like many holidays co-opted from pagan traditions – has a certain element of song to it. Rather than provide some more conventional spooky delights, Fire Emblem Heroes has instead opted to focus on the arts of song and dance, as a new seasonal banner features four musicians from Awakening and Fates, each with the coveted Dance/Sing ability.

The four units are Olivia (Shuriken Infantry), her son Inigo (Green Mage Infantry), Azura (Axe Infantry), and her son Shigure (Blue Mage Infantry). This is Shigure’s first appearance in the game (and technically Inigo’s too, though “Laslow” has been in since launch), and also the first appearance of one of the Fates children. The crown jewel of the bunch is undoubtedly Azura, as her unique Axe Urðr will give a whopping +3 to all non-HP stats to any unit she sings for, which flat out makes her better than any other dancer currently.

The banner drops tomorrow or tonight, depending on where you live and your conception of day and night. Like other recent seasonal banners, it will be available for a whole month, but the characters are limited-time so roll for them while you can.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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