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Quietly added to the Pokémon Center website for North America, part of this year’s Halloween collection is available now. While North American fans won’t be able to obtain the whole set unless they import, the goodies that did make it over here are some of the best pieces in the series.


They’re soft and cuddly and ready to say “Trick or treat!” — Mimikyu, Pikachu and Bewear are here! These three plushes are part of the standard size line, which means they’re about 8 inches to 9.25 inches tall. All three are priced at $17.99, and keep in mind that you’re not getting just a typical plush: Mimikyu is all decked out as a scarecrow, Bewear is trying to be a spooky Dusclops, and the iconic Pikachu himself is feeling quite mischievous in an old-fashioned ghost cape outfit. You could possibly argue the face on his costume is a nod to Mimikyu!


Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Eevee aren’t getting left out! Their Halloween versions are here, but in keychain form. Decked out with pumpkins, dressed as a Swoobat, and rocking a magician or vampire getup with an Umbreon inspired cape, these four are perfect for clipping onto your bags and backpacks, or even simply sitting in your plush collection. All four keychains are $11.99 each.

Into pin collecting? A three pin set that has the Halloween designs of Pika”ghoul”chu, Mimikyu and Eevee is available, too. Priced at $19.99, all three pins are placed together on a Halloween themed card.


Not into Halloween? No worries, a few other items popped up on Pokémon Center’s site!

Plushes of Leafeon and Glaceon are available for $12.99 each. Getting a few steps closer with having all the Eevee evolutions in plush form, Leafeon is 8.5 inches, whereas Glaceon is 7.25 inches.

An oldie, but goodie: A few years ago when the Pokémon Center site launched, there was a special theme of merchandise available. One piece from that collection is back: Special Delivery Pikachu, à la pin form! At $12.99, you can have Pikachu in his little Pokémon Center delivery hat and satchel fly through the online realm delivering orders.

This week’s Pokémon Center update is a wonderful surprise! Which goodies will you be ordering?

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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