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Update: A full-length version of the TV spot has been uploaded, showing a few extra scenes.

The Fire Emblem Heroes promotions just keep on coming, with a new 30-second TV spot released in celebration of the new Brave banner. The commercial features four actors (cosplayers?) dressed as the units, with a particular focus on Ike and his story – his father being slain before his eyes, and confronting the Black Knight. The other three – Lyn, Roy, and Lucina – just sort of stand around looking dramatic, and then fighting happens.

What’s more, the final shot of the advertisement appears to hint at a Grand Hero Battle involving the Black Knight, showing a map from Path of Radiance in Heroes featuring the sable sentinel and Ike challenging him. Nothing is technically confirmed, but dataminers did also discover a Black Knight sprite in the game (along with one of Nephenee from the same title) so it seems almost certain that some sort of Tellius event is on the way.

It’s all a bit melodramatic, and everybody’s hair color is completely off (apparently they didn’t want to spring for hair dye or wigs), but there’s something kitschy and charming about the whole trailer. You can, of course, get one of the Brave heroes of your choosing in FEH starting now, and roll on them for a couple more weeks.

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