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Pokémon news can’t be stopped today, with this next piece of info coming from another Game Informer exclusive. New to Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be the Alola Photo Club, where Trainers can take their Pokémon and pose with them as they like. There will be lenses and decorations Trainers can use to up their creativity and express themselves with once they’ve shared the pictures online.

The option for taking pictures will be available outside of the Photo Club. It was stated that, when special Pokémon evolve, the game will allow you to snap a picture with them to immortalize the moment. There’s no word on which Pokémon this includes, though I’d imagine your starter is a safe bet for that kind of treatment. The full suite of photo options won’t be available from the beginning either, but we’re gathering that you won’t have to go out of your way to unlock them across the span of the game.


I’ve more often than not ignored picture related modes, but this is getting me excited for taking custom shots and sharing them. It’s a reflection of modern, real world trends in the game, which is always interesting to me. More than anything, we’ll be one step closer to a new Pokémon Snap if this takes off!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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