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Regional Pokémon definitely add to the globally appealing nature of Pokémon GO, but that also limits just who can grab them easily to those places. Europe looks to be getting a chance to access at least one of those that isn’t normally found there, alongside other rare and mysterious Pokémon as early as this weekend. An update on the official Pokémon GO website provides a list of locations where trainers living or visiting Europe can run into these rarities, name-dropping Australia’s Kangaskhan and the rare ‘mon in its own right, Unown.

The following cities are participating in the event — and special mention goes to Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers in said cities. On the weekends of August 12th and 19th they’ll be running Lure Modules to up the number of Pokémon you’ll be able to encounter.

Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Copenhagen, Denmark
Helsinki, Finland
Dijon, France
Lille, France
Lyon, France
Marseille, France
Nice, France
Paris, France
Rennes, France
Berlin, Germany
Bochum, Germany
Gera, Germany
Leipzig, Germany
Mönchengladbach, Germany
Munich, Germany
Oberhausen, Germany
Recklinghausen, Germany
Milan, Italy
Naples, Italy
Rome, Italy
Oslo, Norway
Warsaw, Poland
Lisbon, Portugal
Bratislava, Slovakia
Badajoz, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Cádiz, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Sevilla, Spain
San Sebastián, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Valladolid, Spain
Stockholm, Sweden
Zürich, Switzerland
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Leidschendam, The Netherlands
Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
Belfast, United Kingdom
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Glasgow, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Manchester, United Kingdom

No word on if a promotion like this will be running in America soon after the less-than-smooth Pokémon GO Fest, though having it spread across multiple locations seems like the best bet. It’ll allow plenty of people and places to reach the benefits without running into congestion and logistic problems. Legendary raids have given a boost to the game’s traffic and popularity right now — and if Niantic wants to keep that excitement for the game rolling, more of these promos could be just the thing.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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