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After months of waiting for confirmation, Nintendo of America has finally revealed a release date Monster Hunter Stories in the region – September 8th. This is the same date that was previously confirmed for Europe.


If you’re curious about the Monster Hunter amiibo, the official site makes mention of “compatible amiibo” being used for “bonus items such as Ancient Potions, Dust of Life, and other high-grade materials helpful to your quest.” In the Japanese version, the game’s own amiibo were used to unlock special monsters instead. We’ll have to wait for more specifics, though.

A demo is also on the way this August 10th, complete with save data transfer. Chances are it’ll be a localized version of Japan’s demo for the game, which let players pick between trying out a quest or a tournament, getting a taste of exploration and battle respectively.

We’ll be sure to bring more on Monster Hunter Stories, and those elusive amiibo, as we approach release.

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Written by Tom Brown

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