Pikmin has had an intriguing relationship with music since it debuted in Japan in 2001. The initial game in the series got a surprise hit song — “Ai no Uta” by Strawberry Flower” — and Hey! Pikmin will be getting a jingle, too. Even with the series experimenting with different systems and game styles, Nintendo of Japan is giving this new title some nostalgic love.

Added yesterday on YouTube, the song isn’t currently translated in any official way. Using Google Translate with the title and description of the video simply converts the text to “Song of Hey! Pikmin.” Regardless, it’s quite cute, despite the onscreen carnage and yelps of Pikmin lost in Olimar’s quest. We probably won’t see this localized for the North American or European release, sadly.


Will you be picking up Hey! Pikmin later this month? Are you a fan of its new song?

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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