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We saw Hey! Pikmin footage earlier this year after Nintendo invited various media outlets to check out the New 2DS XL, but not like this. (Thanks, Nintendo of Japan!)

While the entire trailer is in Japanese and there isn’t too much text to gain new insight from in the video’s description, the following can be figured out or, at the very least, it provides us with enough visual information for us to make educated guesses about what’s to come.


We finally have footage of Winged and Rock Pikmin for the first time! Winged Pikmin will play a key part in helping Olimar traverse levels that seem to be “flying-on-the-rails” kind of scenarios. As for Rock Pikmin, they’ll be the strength that Olimar needs whenever he finds himself blocked by obstacles or even specific enemies.

After completing levels, there will be some sort of home base for Pikmin to rest and work at. There looks to be foraging and gathering events, but we’re not sure what supplies and treasures can be found or what their purpose is quite yet.


The adorable Pikmin amiibo is finally shown off as well. Scanning this amiibo will help Olimar in times of need, giving him some Pikmin if he ever finds himself cornered. Other amiibo are compatible with the game, but were not entirely certain of the specifics. From what we can see, there’s an amiibo database — similar to the treasure, enemies and Pikmin encyclopedias. Scanning an amiibo at certain levels will have that amiibo appear as treasure. Finding them will probably unlock entries in that database while also helping feed Olimar’s hunger for riches.

Hey! Pikmin launches on the Nintendo 3DS on July 28th.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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