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Summer’s here, which means it’s the prime time to be wed to the special lad or lass in your life. Fire Emblem Heroes seems to be getting in on the action, as it’s revealed that the next main Focus of the game (dropping May 30th) will feature four lovely ladies decked out in wedding gowns.


The four Fire Emblem femmes being featured are Caeda (Blue Tome), Charlotte (Lance), Cordelia (Bow) and Lyn (Staff). It’s notable that this is Charlotte’s first appearance in the game, as the other three are already obtainable in more standard outfits. If this event is anything like Spring’s Bunny versions of popular Heroes, these four will only be obtainable for the length of the banner before disappearing forever… or at least for a year, so roll for the brides while you can.

The banner, as always, will come with new maps and missions. It also begs the question: Where are the grooms? Let us know what you think of these developments in the comments.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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