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Nikki and friends are back to both greet your home screens with a smile and raid your wallets of every last nickel and dime in this week’s Badge Arcade update! Collect all seven of her new, super adorable costumes, as well as a slew of returning seasonal sets you may have missed in the past. My personal favorite would have to be the Legend of Zelda collaboration badges with Nikki cosplayed as the titular Hylian princess herself.

For those of you who’ve had a falling out with the queen of Swapdoodle, Monster Hunter badges are back with a vengeance, featuring cute and cuddly Felynes in all manner of mythical attire. There’s also an influx of amiibo stock shipping in, alongside pixel Nintendo 64 and ultra meta Badge Arcade badges. Happy hunting!



Free play: Yes

You know what that means… Time for a dance party!



Not a single catcher from today’s onslaught of Nikki badges will be swapping out of the Arcade anytime soon. Just be sure to prioritize those Badge Arcade badges in the next two days if breaking the fourth wall is something that interests you.


There are no special themes being offered this week.


From now through June 1st at 3:00 a.m. PST, every dollar you spend will nab you one of these four chipper Arcade Bunny badges. Don’t miss out on ghostly bunny’s harrowing return whose gaze is sure to stop you dead in your tracks.

That’s all for today! Catch you Thursday!

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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