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Get ready to rock, trainers! Niantic has announced that a Rock-type event kicks off in Pokémon GO starting on May 18th. For one week, players will encounter Pokémon like Omanyte, Onix and Sudowoodo at higher rates, and walking with your buddy Pokémon will give candy after only 1/4 mile!

For more details on the event, you can check out the official announcement below. Happy hunting!


Starting May 18, head out for a week of exploration in Pokémon GO to discover more Rock-type Pokémon in your area. Through May 25, Pokémon such as Omanyte, Onix, and Sudowoodo will appear with greater frequency. Plus, your Buddy Pokémon will give you Candy after walking only one quarter the usual distance. Be sure to head toward plenty of PokéStops as you explore—during this time, you’ll earn more items when you visit them.

Before you head out, give your Trainer’s head a cool new look. Beginning on May 18, you’ll find a new explorer’s hat in your clothing collection. Now you’re ready to explore!

Also during this time, all Poké Balls will be 50% off in the in-game shop.

Have fun searching for more Rock-type Pokémon, earning Candy from your Buddy Pokémon faster, and collecting more items at PokéStops this week in Pokémon GO!

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