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Treehouse is back with another blog on Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, this time delving into the game’s dungeon crawling. While many of the details could be gleaned from trailers, it’s nice to have it all written out on paper, with a few new specifics to boot.

Dungeons are new to Fire Emblem as a whole. (It existed in a rudimentary form back in the original Gaiden, but this new implementation is very different.) Players can explore in a 3D space, choosing either to dash quickly through the labyrinths or move at a more stealthy pace. Besides finding treasure and solving light puzzles, players can also encounter monsters — hitting monsters on the map will net you a first strike, giving you the first turn in battle, and taking out a significant chunk of enemy HP. Overall, it seems like fairly typical dungeon-crawling goodness, though a unique addition to the series.

You can read all of the Treehouse blog for even more details. Echoes releases one week from today, so stay wired for even more news as we build up to release.

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