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The upcoming 3DS mash-up of Find Mii and Tomodachi Life is proving how wonderful Mii friends can be in a new Miitopia gameplay video from IGN.



In true fashion, members of Nintendo and the Treehouse crew are running amok in the footage. Cautious Chef Reggie and Warrior Doug first save Mark’s face in the form of Butterfly Mark. Once returned, Mark’s official title is revealed to be Carefree Guide Mark — a polite title for possible NPC status. Rumblings of the Dark Lord carry a very specific name: Krysta (do we dare ask her what happened to Kit?). Stubborn Mage Bill is summoned and in a pivotal scene, and Great Sage Aonuma saves the day.

If this doesn’t give you a sense of the possible madness, Miitopia has to offer, you may want to revisit or play Tomodachi Life and watch the amazing ridiculousness unfold.

Besides the crazy antics, the overworld is shown, a map with various pathways for the player to explore and conquer. Random encounters on the route could lead to treasure or a face to save.

The battle menu has the following options: Attack, Skills/magic, Snacks, Run, Autobattle and specific power-ups (the health reviving Sprinkles is shown). Stats of active party members are also shown: name, level number, health and a bar for skills/magic. If you’re facing more than one enemy, you can pick whoever you want to take down. After successfully defeating an enemy, a counter appears of how many faces you have saved so far in game. This applies to specific enemies, like Butterfly Mark, and generic monsters like Rock Moths.

At the end of each area an Inn is found. There your party can rest and regain HP, as well as become closer. For the latter, once a heart is filled up, both Miis will learn a new skill that benefits only them. This could be anything from dealing powerful attacks to being able to warn each other of attacks. There are also options to spend gold wherein a Mii will ask for funds to buy a specific item (new weapons, clothes and snack items). Your Miis need to eat, too, so you can feed them food to boost their stats and satisfy their hunger. Also shown on-screen was an Arcade button, perhaps implying the existence of mini-games.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to summon a new Mii while staying at an Inn. Given the storyline, it seems this will only appear at specific points in game. The menu was shown off in great detail. Here are the many ways you can bring a Mii into the game:

  • Select a Mii from Mii Central (new sharing service), Mii Maker, Tomodachi Life, and Friends
  • Create a Mii from scratch
  • Scan a QR code from Miitomo or a standard Mii QR code

The next menu selection will take you to a personality menu. Each quality will affect this Mii in battle, so choose wisely from kind, laid-back, stubborn, energetic, cool, airhead and cautious. Once that is selected, you’ll lastly pick a job. If you’re unsure, there is a menu titled “What are jobs?” There’s only six to choose from: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Pop Star and Chef.

Teased briefly, more Miis can appear to save you during dire scenes. You’ll be locked into their job class, and you’re only responsible for picking the Mii and name. No personality menu is given. No word if these character scenarios will lead to them being permanent members on your team.

Miitopia is set to launch worldwide on July 28th.

Do you want to be a Laid-back Pop Star? A Cool Thief? Share your aspirations down below — even if you want to make one of your sibling the Dark Lord in your quest.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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