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In preparation for the game’s late-July release, fans can now enjoy more Hey! Pikmin footage beyond a Nintendo Direct.

A new nine-minute video provided by IGN features a mix of different intro levels that focus on the classic red, yellow and blue Pikmin.



Overall, the game is reminiscent of Yoshi’s Woolly World with some elements of Mario vs. Donkey Kong (mainly in throwing Pikmin and having them complete tasks). The mash up of puzzle and platformer, but with a Pikmin twist, is looking to be a great way to introduce new players to the franchise. Both screens are utilized well, from showing scenery to having enemies with kidnapped Pikmin swoop in for an attack. In another instance, puzzles will test your planning skills by juggling Pikmin to the top screen to secure a wonderful bounty of treasure, only to deal with enemies up ahead on the lower screen.

With more footage comes more details. We have a clearer look at the user interface. Olimar has a health bar (full is green, down one it turns to yellow and with one bar left there’s a high chance it will turn red). As of now it looks like three treasures are within each level. Centered on the top screen there’s a Pikmin and sap counter. On the bottom screen, each Pikmin type will have their own icon (for ease of separating and calling). Lastly on the far right, there is a button for Olimar’s whistle and a command action for him to jump thanks to his suit.

Gone are the fractions, now replaced with bubbles that light up one-by-one with each Pikmin. Sap, or mysterious sap, looks to come in different varieties that hold different values — red and rainbow join the standard iridescent golden yellow. Now that Olimar has a health bar, heart shaped “fruit” is also scattered throughout the level.

Hey! Pikmin launches worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS on July 28th.

Like what you see of Hey! Pikmin? Can’t wait to play the game and see how its own amiibo works with it? Have any other thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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