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A recent, invite-only event in New York allowed some lucky people a chance to get their hands on the newest entry in the Pikmin series, Hey! Pikmin for the 3DS. Being a 2D game with some platforming and puzzle elements as opposed to an open, 3D game with real time strategy elements, it’s an interesting transition to the say the least. Check out the video below, courtesy of GameXplain, to see just what’s different about it yourself.


The use of the 3DS touchscreen will actively determine the angle and distance of tossing Pikmin, which mitigates concerns from players that may have thought tapping away without a care in the world could get the job done. There’s also new, exploratory features like a jetpack for crossing gaps and swimming and underwater Pikmin mechanics designed for the 2D display.

The available demo gave attendees three stages to play through. Each of these focused on a single color of Pikmin, giving the classic trio of Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin a chance to shine once again. With the exception of Reds, whose stage gave more of an introductory vibe, the unique abilities of the Pikmin were on full display. Yellows could still be thrown farther and higher while Blues are the go-to for underwater action.

It was also noted that Pikmin are not grown this time around (or at least not shown to yet), and are instead found in nests or actively on their own in the wild. These encounters call to mind the Pikmin short videos that can be found on Wii U and 3DS, and add some character to the game. Things aren’t all cute and funny though as any seasoned Pikmin player can tell you that eradication can lie in wait around any corner and under any stone.

These stages themselves may have veered towards the easier side, and it’s noted the game may skew towards younger potential Pikmin players, but that doesn’t make us any less excited for Hey! Pikmin to release this July. It’s not the only thing coming though, as the New Nintendo 2DS XL and a beautiful Pikmin amiibo will launch alongside the game all on July 28th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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