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UPDATE: The North American winners page is now live, which includes an updated English language video that you can check out below!

Adult shirts will retail for $14.90 and kids shirts will go for $9.90. All of these amazing shirts will be made available in North America starting May 19th both in-store and on the official UNIQLO webpage.

Original article: April 30, 2017

Japanese clothing company UNIQLO recently held a contest for fan submitted Nintendo styles. Artists and designers the world over all did their best, and today the results have been shared with the world. Check out the video to see a handful of the styles.

It’s no surprise that a Mario design’s the star of the show, and we’ll admit that pixelated pattern is definitely eye-catching and iconic. The second place Splatoon style speaks to the love of that series here in Japan and will no doubt sell through quickly. The third place winner is the only one in the top three from outside Japan, featuring a great all-over design that captures the exploration that can be found in The Legend of Zelda fairly well. Congratulations to the top three winners!

The styles featured in the video aren’t the only ones available though. The Uniqlo Nintendo collection dips into not only these three series, but a handful of others as well. Pikmin, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Pokémon and Animal Crossing all get some love, too. Some of the designs are only available in children’s or women’s sizes, but definitely check out everything offered even if those sizes don’t suit your needs. They’ll be available in Uniqlo stores starting May 19th.

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