It’s dev blog time — or more accurately, localization blog — as Nintendo Treehouse has released a few character details on Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, profiling the four characters who were recently in Fire Emblem Heroes: Alm, Clair, Faye and Lukas.

First up is Alm, one of the game’s two intrepid heroes. Growing up in rural Ram Village, Alm was taught to stand up and fight to help those who are suffering. Thus when the Deliverance comes knocking, he’s eager to reply and help defend Zofia. Unsurprisingly, he appears to be one of the game’s better units, boasting good all-around stats and high speed.

Next is Clair, a proud Zofian socialite turned Pegasus Knight, and sister to Knight Captain Clive. She can be a bit overbearing and stubborn, but she wants to connect more to the common people of the land, and even has a small crush on Alm. She appears to have typical Peg Knight stats, with top notch speed, skill and luck.

Faye is Alm’s other childhood friend besides Celica, and… one who is devoted, to say the least. Her unrequited love tends to leave her rather clingy, which means she’s sure to join him on his quest, whether he likes it or not. Faye starts off as a Villager, with lowish stats all around, but she can promote to several classes — such as Cavalier, Peg Knight or Cleric. No matter how she promotes she’ll be a little squishy, but she has great potential for strength.

And last up is Lukas, a cool and collected officer in the Deliverance. An advisor to Knight Captain Clive, some find him detached and stiff, but he has a dry sense of humor when you get to know him. He’s more of a tank character, with high defense and an early recruitment allowing you to build him up into something more meaningful.

While only representative of a few characters on Alm’s side, it’s nice to see more personality and character injected into the remake. The blog promises covering members of Celica’s army soon, and also offers some concept art to finish off. Stay wired for when they release that info as well.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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