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A short, ten minute presentation on Fire Emblem Heroes was streamed tonight via the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel, revealing quite a few nuggets of information. Provided by the game’s adorable mascot owl Feh, many details about upcoming events were given in such a small stream.

First up is Xander’s Grand Hero Battle. We knew that the Nohrian Prince would be coming soon, but now we have a concrete release date of May 2nd for him. We also got a peek at his skills and abilities, the map the Battle takes place on and even some of the enemies we’ll have to fight to take care of him.

xander fire emblem heroes

Next up was Arena Renewal. With this system, players will be able to receive orbs depending on what tier of the arena they rank in — the higher the tier, the more orbs one will get. It’s a nice little bonus to those looking for just a few more and also incentivizes getting stronger teams because of it.

Subsequently was the detailing of new terrain — specifically forts (or whatever fort-like term you would like to use). These Fire Emblem staples will increase defense and also have some sort of special effect on magic, adding another layer of strategy to new and upcoming maps and making players consider positioning even more than previously.

fire emblem heroes forts

Next up was a new voting gauntlet for May — this time between mages! Both male mages (M!Robin, Merric, Leo and Henry) and female spellslingers (Julia, Linde, Sanaki and Tharja) will be facing off to determine the sorcerer supreme. Who will win? Tharja, probably.

fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet

Second to last was essentially a teaser sizzle reel, showing a sneak peek of upcoming features and maps. While it’s difficult to determine exactly everything that was detailed, we did catch a glimpse of Masked Lucina, implying that she’ll be obtainable. It seems to portend an exciting future for the game, even if it’s not entirely clear what that future is.

fire emblem heroes masked lucina

Finally, the game is celebrating Golden Week (a week in Japan with several holidays all in a row) in style. First off is a “Hero Festival” summoning banner, with a Focus for Ryoma, Azura, Takumi, and Hector — at an increased rate of a 5 percent chance for 5*s, no less! Given that all four are some of the better units in the game right now, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

fire emblem heroes golden week

The event also boasts an omikuji feature. Omikuji are fortunes received at Japanese shrines, which tend to have varying levels of luck. Players can pull fortunes in-game and collectively work together towards a global goal. If enough are pulled every player will receive up to 10 Orbs; if enough are “extra good luck,” then every player will receive up to 5,000 Feathers. The Golden Week banner and event starts tonight and lasts until the end of the holiday — on May 7th.

Quite a bit of information overall! What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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