UPDATE: The Super Mario Bros. Happy Meal toys are now available in North America. Enjoy your nuggets!

One of our Twitter followers, @unicornshizzle, was kind enough to share a photo of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Happy Meal toys store display, providing us with a sneak peek of the new series that will be available at McDonald’s in the coming days. Check it out!

It’s fun knowing that we’ll be seeing Mario and co. here soon! We’ll make sure to update you with an official release day once we receive word.

Original article published: April 6, 2017

Whether you’re looking to add to your own Nintendo collection, or you think your kids might have a good time with it, we think you’ll enjoy this bit of news! McDonald’s recent collection of Super Mario Bros. Happy Meal toys in the UK is hopping over the pond to North America soon. All eight toys are slated for the food chain’s next big toy release according to the official website.

Very soon Mario, Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi and other iconic Mario items will be hitting your local McDonald’s.

There’s no exact release date for this series yet, but it’ll undoubtedly be here within the next few weeks. We’ll update this article once we get wind of the toys popping up around the US.

Those of us here at Nintendo Wire have some pretty great memories of getting the Mario Happy Meal toys when we were younger, so these new ones are a huge nostalgic treat for us. Are you just as excited? Let us know on Twitter — and make sure to share photos of your findings!

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