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The Nintendo Direct brought quite a bevy of 3DS related news, delivered at a rapid fire pace right at the beginning of the presentation. While quite a bit of it was clarification of previous information, there was still quite a bit of info overall. Let’s break it all down:

Hey! Pikmin

The previously announced Pikmin title on 3DS now has a name. Hey! Pikmin chronicles the 2D side-scrolling escapades of Captain Olimar in a platformer/strategy hybrid. It’s releasing July 28th, and even comes with a new Pikmin amiibo figure to boot, though the functionality is currently unknown.

Ever Oasis

After months of radio silence, Ever Oasis is confirmed to be back and in action. The action-RPG developed by Grezzo has you trying to restore an oasis in the desert. This particular trailer focused on your character’s bonds with the water spirit, Esna, who helps you rebuild the town. The game is releasing June 23rd, and looks rather impressive thus far.

Monster Hunter Stories

After being out in Japan for some time, this Monster Hunter spinoff finally makes its way to western shores. Using a turn-based system, players can capture, bond with and ride monsters around the world, finding new areas and collecting monster eggs the whole way through. There’s no word on whether the game’s amiibo are making it out West, but the game itself launches in the fall.

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

The third version of the Yo-Kai Watch 2 story offers the definitive version of the game. With an expanded multiplayer action mode and more, it’ll be a good outlet for those hankering more Yo-Kai Watch action come autumn.

Culdcept Revolt

The Culdcept card/strategy/board game series celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and this new entry will celebrate that fact. With hundreds of cards to collect, it launches August 19th in both standard and limited editions.



RPG Maker Fes

For those looking to make games on the go, look no further than this portable version of the popular creation software. RPG Maker Fes allows players to share “stories” online for free to anyone who owns the free RPG player that will also come to the eShop. It launches June 27th in both standard and limited edition, and comes with some Disgaea costume DLC to boot.




Another game that has been out in Japan for some time but faced a questionable western release, Miitopia makes a silly RPG out of the Mii characters on your 3DS. You can customize personalities, phrases and jobs as you battle enemies, hunt treasure and explore the world. The relationship between your AI-controlled allies is important, so maintaining them will be crucial when the game launches sometime this year.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

This remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden is slated to come out about a month from now, but the news today focused on the game’s DLC. Offering both free and paid content, it’ll consist of maps and dungeons in which you can gain more exp, find more items and learn more about characters. There will also be a season pass available, though the exact nature of its content is currently unclear.

Kirby 25th Anniversary

The pink puffball is celebrating his 25th in style! Today a free-to-start game known as Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (a standalone version of a Planet Robobot minigame) launches in the eShop. A similar entry, Kirby’s Blowout Blast, launches sometime this summer. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new “multiplayer action game” being developed for the system, launching this holiday. Lots of Kirby love to go around, it seems.




The third entry in the box-puzzle series has already released in Europe, but now launches in North America… today! Offering hundreds of puzzles across 18 worlds, as well as Kirby amiibo costumes and bonuses if you have save data from the past couple games, Bye-Bye BOXBOY! is not something to be missed.



Stay tuned

And that covers the onslaught of news! Quite a bit to beef up the system’s library over the summer. What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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