Niantic has to be feeling pretty good after all the praise Pokémon GO has received since it launched last summer. Another of these was added to the list, as it took home the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts Game Award for “Best Mobile and Handheld Game”. In a blog post, the Niantic team thanks the fans more than anyone when listing off other awards and commendations the game has received.

The last paragraph promises some growth in the near future, and it may be in line with what players would expect from a Pokémon experience. Trainers can look forward “to all new cooperative social gameplay experiences” just in time for some spring sunshine. Ideally this would be some kind of trading or battling system, which would have the potential to bring people out in droves like when the game first hit. Still, it could be something else entirely in the long run and even then I’d be curious to see what can be done with the concept.

Have your own wants? Interested in trading or battling? Been catching plenty of Gen II or shiny Pokémon/ Go ahead and let us know below to share what you’ve been up to with the blurred line between ours and the world of Pokémon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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