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The Kirby series has no shortage of rascals and tricksters, though they usually have some sort of magic or cosmic power to make their mischief a bit more menacing. So what happens when Super Star’s classic jester Marx and Return to Dream Land’s interstellar traveler Magolor get together on April first? Tricking that pesky hero Kirby, of course!

The image above comes courtesy of the official Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter, with the accompanying text indicating just what’s going on. It seems the two fiendish fellows have told Kirby and the loyal crew of Waddle Dees that if they circle around that mound 25 times it’ll turn into chocolate. Who doesn’t like free chocolate? Poor Kirby and crew, caught up in their prank…

There’ve been plenty of Nintendo April Fools images and posts going around today, but this one’s definitely the cutest. Let us know which ones you’ve been enjoying below!

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