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Mario Sports Superstars came out today, so it’s time to wrap up the Mushroom Mashup series! Today we’ll be taking a look at real life comparisons for Mario characters for both golf and horse racing.

Kid: Guan Tianlang

Some Nintendo fans may not remember Kid, one of the playable characters in Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color. He’s described as a respected golfer who always keeps his cool. The catch? He’s ten years old, and he’s an even better golfer than Mario. Guan Tianlang is the youngest player to ever participate in the Masters, competing at the age of 14. He ended up finishing 58th in the tournament, but it was still an extremely impressive performance for a 14 year-old.

Big Penguin: George Woolf

A racer from Super Mario 64, the Big Penguin hates to lose. He always stays calm, and he almost always wins. George Woolf, one of the best jockeys of all time, was also known for these two things. He was so calm, in fact, he was given the nickname of “Ice Man” because he always performed in tense situations and never cracked under the pressure. The Big Penguin could also be known as the Ice Man, given that he slides down ice for a living.

Mario Sports Superstars is out now in North America, and you can order it on Amazon today if you haven’t already picked it up!

Keep it here at Nintendo Wire for more on the game in the coming days.

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