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Did you miss me? A batch of My Nintendo rewards featuring everyone’s favorite smart-mouthed angel took flight today! Up for grabs are all three episodes of the series’ stunningly animated shorts, as well as every Kid Icarus game in the current trilogy for 30% off a piece. Take your time, as these deals won’t be turning back into a pumpkin (eggplant?) until the stroke of midnight on June 25th.


[3DS] 30% off Kid Icarus: Uprising – 80 Gold Points
[3DS] 30% off 3D Classics: Kid Icarus – 20 Gold Points
[Wii U] 30% off Kid Icarus – 20 Gold Points


[Video] Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Thanatos Rising – 100 Platinum Points
[Video] Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Palutena’s Revolting Dinner – 100 Platinum Points
[Video] Kid Icarus 3D Anime: Medusa’s Revenge – 100 Platinum Points

Which deals will you be monetizing your snazzy digital currency on? Sound off in the comments!

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Written by Matthew Weidner

When it comes to playing and writing about video games, Matthew aspires to be the very best, like no one ever was. Writing for Nintendo Wire and the thought of one day finally achieving a perfect, no death Super Meat Boy run fills him with determination.